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Success in any business venture demands perseverance and hard work, experience and foresight.... and much more. With theses capabilities, Mr. Sultan Mowjee established and steadily expanded his activities. Way back in 1971, he accepted a challenge when he took over the management of a sick company – Razaque Steels (Pvt,) Limited which was originally established in the early sixties.

In 1971 Bangladesh was created. All the assets of Mr. Sultan Mowjee in Bangladesh were declared abandoned properties and vested with the new Government of Bangladesh. Some of the major assets were: steel rolling mills; foundries; edible oil refinery; oil storage & distribution terminals; land & properties. These huge losses could have caused many groups to collapse economically but the courage, tenacity and confidence of Mr.Sultan Mowjee remained unshaken… and Razaque Steels continued to manufacture steel and progress.

During this period, all reinforced construction in Pakistan was done only with plain and non-standard deformed bars. Razaque Steels took the initiative and approached the world famous Toristeg Steel Corporation of Luxembourg, and with Government approval for the transfer of technology, started manufacturing Ribbed TOR® a cold twisted deformed bar recognised as per  British Standard Specification under license in Pakistan.

The introduction of European quality Ribbed TOR® Steel ushered in a new era of advancement for the steel as well as the construction industry. Today we also manufacture high quality Deformed Bars – Grade 40 & Grade 60 which conforms to ASTM A 615. The Grade 60 was made possible due to close collaboration with the production facilities of Pakistan Steel (of which Razaque Steels is a recognized downstream industry). Razaque Steels was the first purchaser of both the ordinary billets of Pakistan Steel and its grade 60 billets. Over the years we have been one of their largest buyers of raw materials in this category.
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