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  Sultan Mowjee
We are pleased to share with you the dynamic growth and expansion of Razaque Steels –
a pioneering company committed to providing the best in steel quality to its customers.

For over 50 years we have dedicated ourselves to the progress and modernization of Paksitan’s steel industry, a vital component of the national economy. With the introduction of TOR® Steel in 1971 by Razaque Steels, to encouraging the use of ASTM A 615 Grade steel, to the achievement of ISO 9002 in 1999, this company has led the way to improving the quality of steel supplied in the local market.

The success of TOR® Steel, which is an internationally recognized brand name and owned exclusively by Razaque Steels in Pakistan, has led to a number of copy cat products. However, with its unique testing facilities and its proven track record for services to customers, Razaque Steels products are often referred to as the “Gold Standard” in steel against which other steels products available in the market are compared. The credit for this achievement of course goes to the confidence and loyalty shown by our customers and the dedicated teamwork of our staff.

However, we are not content to rest on our present achievements. We intend to continue to improve our quality and enhance the range our products to give the Pakistani consumer the best available in the market.
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